Turf Rink

Turf Rink

UMD maintains the turf rink in the Sports and Health Center for many different uses. This rink is available for activities such as soccer, ultimate, wind sprints, stretching, etc. No outdoor sport balls that could cause immediate harm are allowed.
Up-to-date hours can be viewed with the Google calendar on our FACILITIES page. Click on the "Agenda" tab for optimal viewing.


1. Only activities scheduled through RSOP or the Facility Management Office are allowed.

2. Absolutely no food or drink is allowed within the rink facility including gum and tobacco. Water is allowed in a sealed, closed-lid container, off of the turf, outside of the rink boards. NO LIQUID of any type is allowed on the turf.

3. Appropriate footwear must be worn on the turf: clean, dry shoes are required. Rubber cleated shoes are allowed and recommended. No metal spikes/cleats, track shoes or dirty shoes are allowed on the turf; shoes MUST be worn at all times. 

4. No equipment is to be taken into this facility from the Recreation Center Weight Room. 

5. All personal items should be stored in a day use locker within the Recreation Center or out of the way, off of the turf. 

6. Patrons MUST enter through the main rink entrance (70-2) and exit through the same door. Membership ID (Ucard) should remain on patron at all times.

7. Allowed sports: soccer, frisbee/ultimate, etc; use your discretion (no outdoor sport balls that could cause immediate harm is allowed including but not limited to lacrosse, golf, etc)
            >No weights, kettlebells or other items that may damage the turf may be used on the turf
            >Mats or stretching bands are allowed.

COVID-Specific Policies:
1. Maintain a distance of greater than 9 feet at all times.
2. No group activities of any kind are allowed; including sharing of equipment.
3. Masks must be worn properly at all times.

Failure to follow any rule, or blatant misuse of this facility, will result in access being revoked to all recreation facilities.