Stand-Up Paddleboarding & Surfing (Summer)

Prone Surf, SUP & Foil Surfing Instruction 305016

Learn the fundamentals of surfing and establish a game plan for exploring Lake Superior. Join us from 9am-5pm on Island Lake for our comprehensive prone surfing class with ski boat wake riding. This class features equipment selection, care, board control, paddling efficiency, whitewater impact strategies, pop-up, stance, posture, board trim, edging, angling, turning and surf etiquette.

After prone surfing we move into a surfing style of SUP paddling and culminate with the hottest new trend - foil surfing! You will get to try foil surfing behind a ski boat and feel your board lift up in the air, literally flying above the surface of the water. Our extensive board inventory and short mast large wing foil set-up allows us to match your ability with the overall intensity of the experience. Lunch break topics and our information packet will help prepare you for the surfing journey that lies ahead. Choose from four different dates with a four person maximum group size.
Sunday, July 18 • Wednesday, July 21 • thursday, July 22 • Sunday, July 25
Cost per session: $95 UMD Student Members / $175 Others

Plan Ahead for Fall Semester Surfing & SUP

Surf & SUP programming is mainly offered in the Fall and our instructional sessions are designed to serve beginner to intermediate skill levels.

If you are not sure about your surfing commitment sign up for a single session in the pool during the first two weeks of class and consider the Lester River Boardsport Sampler on September 11, 2021. If you're frothing over surf adventures, choose the Entry Level Surf & SUP Pass for $65 (UMD Student) and $135 (Others) to get full access to all September and October training sessions. Fall Pass sales start on Wednesday, September 15 and usually sell out in one day. Passes are limited to the first 10 people registered.

Surf & SUP Pass holders will be able to attend training sessions at the UMD Pool on Tuesdays 7:30-9:00pm and Fridays 9:15-10:45am in September and October. Most importantly you will receive e-mail invitations to roughly eight additional training sessions at the Lester River Surf Shack, Island Lake and Lake Superior whenever the conditions are favorable. We will also introduce you to longboard-skateboard-land-paddling, half pipe skate boarding, SUP touring, prone paddleboarding, surfing behind a ski boat, foil surfing and wind driven foil wing riding.

Instruction & Equipment Demos at the Lester River Surf Shack 305017

Make a new connection with Lake Superior. Our staff and equipment will be set up at the Surf Shack on the west side of the Lester River mouth on several Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. We provide basic instruction, stand-up paddleboard, prone paddleboard, surf ski or kayak, paddle, lifejacket and wetsuit. Preregistration is recommended. Limited to six people per day.
Cost per session: $30 UMD U-Card Holders   $40 Others
Cash or Check Only at the Surf Shack
Located at 60th Avenue East & London Road
Fridays, 3:00-8:00pm, July 16, 23, 30, August 6
Saturdays, 3:00-8:00pm, July 17, 24, 31, August 7