Sport Club Staff

Employment Opportunities

The UMD Sport Club (SC) Program is always looking for talented students to join our team and help us make the sport club experience great for all UMD Student participants. Every year we have a number of great opportunities within SC Staff that UMD students can use to build their resume and gain work experience that are directly applicable to the vocation or future job of their interest after graduation from UMD.

Sport Club Program Student Staff Positions (as of 09/15/2020)

At this time, the SC Program does not have any open student staff positions. However if you are interested in learning more about one of the positions listed below please email Noah Kramer at [email protected] with your inquiry!
-SC Operations Manager (filled)
-SC Public Relations Manager (filled)
-SC Finance Supervisor (filled)
-SC Human Resources Supervisor (filled)
-SC Marketing Supervisor (filled)

Sport Club Assistant Director

Noah Kramer, RCRSP
[email protected]

Sport Club Supervisor Staff

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (218) 590-6667