Our Mission

Recreational Sports Outdoor Program fosters active, healthy lifestyles and connections to the
natural world.

Our Vision

• We will use the unique natural and built resources to provide premier opportunities for
students and the broader community to live healthier, balanced lives.
• We will provide outstanding programs, facilities, and staff that support physical fitness,
healthy habits, respect for the natural world and balanced behaviors.
• We will maintain a respectful, inclusive, and vibrant living and learning environment
where relationships with students, campus and community are valued.
• We will become a model of responsible/sustainable use of financial, human, physical,
and natural resources.
• We will collaborate with departments across campus, as well as local, regional, and
national organizations to promote participation in physical activity and outdoor
• We will provide professional development opportunities for student leaders and
employees that are foundational skills for an educated, active citizenry.

Our Values

• Wellness - We encourage lifestyles that promote physical and emotional wellness within
a community of well-being.
• Student Development - We provide opportunities where students interact with each other
in a socially responsible manner and develop lifelong personal and professional
• Learning - Through teamwork, problem solving, and teaching we provide educational
experiences that foster the development of lifelong skills and knowledge.
• Discovery & Adventure - We value the sense of adventure and discovery that are
associated with activity and exploration.
• Engagement - We actively collaborate with each other and the larger community to
identify and achieve common goals.
• Inclusiveness - We respect and embrace the diversity of individuals, perspectives, and
ideas while promoting social justice. Everyone is important and valued.
• Sustainability - We balance current environmental, economic, and social needs with those
of future generations.
• Excellence/High Quality service - We provide high quality service and programs
developed with creativity and innovation.
• Our People - We value our professional and student staff for their quality service,
creativity, passion, commitment to our mission, and care for all participants.
• Safety/Risk Management - Safety is at the core of all our programming opportunities.
• Enjoyment - being active, playing sports and exploring the outdoors is FUN! Enjoyment
is at the heart of what we do.