Welcome to the walk-in campground in Bagley Nature Area, right on the UMD Campus. This tents-only campground offers 6 rustic campsites, surrounded by forests. Enjoy hiking on the wood-chipped trails, explore the forests, and discover tent-camping. Close to the Superior Hiking Trail.  Parking is at a nearby gravel parking lot.  You'll have to carry your gear into your campsite (no carts are provided and vehicles cannot drive in). 


The campground is open for backpack through hikers year-round.
Park & Walk-in access is available May 19-August 28, 2023.


  • Open, grassy area for tents.
  • One fire-ring available for camper use.  
  • Firewood must be brought in (no collecting of firewood in Bagley Nature Area is allowed).  You can purchase firewood at the nearby gas stations.
  • Outhouse
  • Running water

Located at 1737 Bayview Avenue in Duluth 

For reservations call 218-726-6134

  • Campsites 1-4 are reservable
  • Campsites 5-6 are walk-in only and not reservable
  • Up to 2 tents and 6 people per site.
  • $30/night (Sales, Lodging, & Tourism Tax Included!)

Campground is right in Bagley Nature Area

  • Click HERE for information about Bagley Nature Area


Bagley Campground Gear Package:

In association with our Rental Center, packages are available for all of the camping gear you need, including the campsite fee!. Tents, stoves, sleeping bags, cook kits and more.

$55 for one night (tax included)
$95 for 2 nights (tax included)

The complete package includes


Camping is Fun!

  • One 4-Person Tent or two 2-Person Tents
  • Cooking, Eating, and Cleaning Kits
  • 4 Sleeping bags
  • 1 Rain Tarp
  • Two-Burner Stove
  • Campsite fee

Perfect for a weekend family outing!