Intramural Sports

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Intramural Registration Process


1. Purchase your Intramural Pass at

-$20/Semester or $40 Annual for Student Members, $30/Semester or $60 Annual for Others (Faculty, Staff and Local Area College Students who have a current RSOP membership) allows you to participate on all eligible Intramural teams.
-1 team per league, per sport.

2. Create a team or join a team at

-Create your team before your sport’s captains’ meeting.
-Create your team at BEFORE THE DEADLINE.
-If you do not have an IMleagues account, you will need to create one using your email address.

3. One member of each team will need to attend the virtual Captain Meeting

-Attendance at these meetings will confirm your team’s spot in the league.
-If leagues or divisions have more teams than spots available, the teams that were created first on IMleagues will be given priority.
-Regular season schedules will be created and posted on IMleagues.
-The regular season will last four weeks and each team will play one game a week plus at least one playoff game.

4. Can't find a team? Go to IMleagues and we'll find a team for you.

- Sign in to IMLeagues
- Go the league page of sport you wish to join (e.g. Ice Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball, etc.).
- Join as free agent (screenshot below):
a screen shot of the free agent sign-up screen