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Sport Clubs provides opportunities for students to further a common interest in a sport or activity through competition, instruction, participation, or performance.  Goals include competition, skill development, leadership development and organizational skills.

What is a Sport Club?

A Sport Club is a Campus Life Program that promotes and develops interest in a particular sport or physical activity under the administration of Recreational Sports Outdoor Program (RSOP). A club may be instructional, recreational, competitive or may be some combination of the three. Participation in a sport club is on a voluntary basis.

What is the difference between Intramural Sports & Sport Clubs?

Both are great ways for students to meet new people, be physically active, and have fun on campus. However, unlike the typical 4-5 week IM Sport season, individual Sport Clubs may practice and compete from the start of the school year in September until the end of spring semester in May (typically 2-3 days per week for 2-3 hours). This means there is a greater dedication and time commitment involved on the part of the student.Responsibilities such as organizing practices, competition, and fundraising are managed by club officers and members, contributing to an additional opportunity for student development outside of the classroom setting. Finally, participants may travel to other locations away from UMD (other universities, tournaments, large events, etc.) as part of their club schedule.

How much does it cost?

Each individual sport club sets its own cost for membership dues, typically based on how active the club is and their goals for the year. Clubs more instruction and recreation based may charge a minimal fee while others which are more competitive in nature may charge higher dues to assist the club with costs associated with league dues, entry fees, equipment, and travel.

How do I join a Sport Club?

Membership varies between the different clubs offered on campus. Some of the competitive clubs hold tryouts at the beginning of the school year to determine who will make their roster while most recreation & instruction based clubs welcome any student who is interested and pays membership dues. Please feel free to contact the individual club you are interested in to get more information on how to join.

What's Happening: SC Updates

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***All UMD Sport Club travel will be SUSPENDED from March 16,2020 through April 29, 2020. All UMD Sport Club on-campus activities, including club practices, meetings, league games/competitions, and tournament events are SUSPENDED until April 29, 2020.***

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