Rental Center Employment

Recreational Sports Outdoor Program's (RSOP) Rental Center rents outdoor equipment (tents, backpacks, Duluth packs, stoves, water filters, fishing gear, sleeping bags & pads, boots, snowshoes, skis, ....). We are looking for student staff who are interested in providing customer service to people that need our equipment to enhance their recreational experiences, on and off campus.

General Description: Working in the Rental Center and equipment storage room to do the following:
• Check-in and check-out short use items
• Rent out larger items. This involves interacting with the customer, using our computer rental system, educating the customer, helping load gear (canoes, paddleboards, etc.) and checking-in items.
• Repair, clean, and maintain all equipment. Specific work areas to be assigned.

Contacts: Tim Bates, 218-726-8743 or [email protected]

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