Learn to Swim

America Red Cross Learn-to-Swim Program

Welcome to the UMD RSOP AQUATICS - American Red Cross “Learn-to-Swim” Program. Every swimmer is different and we encourage all swimmers to develop their skills at their own pace and comfort. Our swim class progression is designed to help participants reach their goals and provide a clear developmental track. Benefits of this approach include:

  • Accommodating students of varying abilities and ages
  • Fostering a sense of achievement and self-confidence
  • Staying grounded in a skill continuum that allows students to move easily from one stage to the next
  • Encouraging students to have fun and develop new friendships through group activities
  • -mproving communication about student’s progress

Students can register for one of three levels depending upon their current swim ability.
Cost: $65 for six, half-hour classes


Private and Semi-Private Swim Lessons

You will arrange six (6) 1/2 hr. swim lessons with your instructor. Your swim instructor will help you find available times and days to complete your lessons before the end of the semester. You can sign up for another session of lessons after completing your six (6) lessons. You can have 2 children in each lesson but a 1 on 1 experience is highly recommended. There are changing rooms off the pool deck for children to change individually. There are family changing areas in the hallway leading into the pool. All changing areas are equipped with showers and bathrooms. There is a viewing area off the pool deck where parents are to stay during the swim lesson. Your swim instructor will be in contact with you as soon as possible to schedule your first lesson.
Cost: $120
Thank you for letting us work with your child and we look forward to seeing them grow.



Free parking after 5pm in the pay lot on the corner of St. Marie Street and University Drive!