Open/Lap Swim



Lap swim is available May 10-21, Monday-Friday, 11am-1:30pm

Please have you U-Card with you when checking in. One-time passes and 10-Punch cards will not be available Summer 2021.

Lap Swim Procedures (Pandemic Time)

Space is limited to ten people in the pool at a time for lap swim.  Six feet of space between patrons must be maintained.

Masks are required when not in the water.

Swipe cards at the Welcome Desk upstairs.

Pool locker rooms are not available for changing or showering.  Use the upstairs locker rooms and put on your swim gear before entering the pool area.

Enter via the South hallway doors near the shallow end of the pool.

Proceed down the right side of the pool and show your pass to the guard on duty.

Place your belongings in one of the ten designated spots on the pool deck in the deep end.  Locker rooms should only be used to go to the bathroom.

Enter a lane at the shallow end of the pool.  Maintain six feet of spacing between swimmers at all times.

After your exiting the pool put on your facemask, gather your things, and exit via the East door across from the tennis courts.  Follow this exit procedure until
October 15 when we will use the West hallway.  The East exit is to be used to minimize cross traffic in the hallway near the pool office.