Outdoor Activities & Trips

Outdoor Activities and Trips provides opportunities for students and community members to participate in nature based workshops and excursions. Goals include skill development, social interaction, environmental awareness and relaxation.


Safety of participants and leaders is essential.  Due to Covid-19, the following are practices that will be part of each outdoor activity:
1. Each participant will follow UMD policy on protocols related to possible Covid exposure.
2. Please bring along a face covering for all outings.  We will wear face coverings during outings, unless it impedes cardiovascular activity or will get wet.
3. In general, arrive dressed to participate in the activity and for the weather conditions.


Hey UMD Students, if you are tight on money and would like to get outdoors, we can help!  Thanks to a couple of former student staff, we have scholarship money to support you getting outdoors.  Just fill out this form.  We’ll get back to you within a few days!  It’s that simple.  Available for any of our outdoor options - trips, hikes, paddling, climbing, and workshops.